Our Mission is to provide non-clinical Recovery Continuum Care through Peer Recovery support for those seeking to access and sustain long term Recovery

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XRCC Vision:
​Where all persons are valued, affirmed and welcomed - while being offered a sacred space in which to explore a personal meaning of recovery, services to help prevent relapse, and sustained Peer Recovery Coaching support.
Multiple Doors to Recovery:


XRCC acknowledges that there are multiple doors to Recovery.  We seek to remove the stigma associated with Recovery, so as to provide hope; endorse 

physical, emotional and spiritual healing; work towards personal wholeness;

offer life skills workshops, connectional support, holistic  educational support, and sober socialization


Peer Recovery Coaching:


Peer Recovery Coaches will spend time with you while you identify where you are in Recovery.  What dreams for the future do you have? What are your interests and goals? Maybe you've forgotten them or they may seem lost - but they're not lost - only hidden.  All things are possible!

What can we do to help you to pursue your goals and build on your dreams? We want you to know you are worth investing in!  You are an important member of our community!  We are willing to walk with you through life's biggest challenges.  We are willing to just help you get through the rest of today .

Healing and Wholeness:


Our overall mission is to address and reduce the impact of Substance Use Disorder in our community. Our goal in accomplishing this is to offer hope, spiritual guidance, continuing educational opportunities and peer coaching direction for overcoming obstacles on the journey to recovery; as well as creating a non-clinical, sober community space in Lacey Township for persons in recovery to seek healing and wholeness. 

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A Healthy Community:

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